Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Office Christmas Party

Oh gosh, it's that time of year again and if you are anything like me you are completely unprepared for that work Christmas party. Office parties are always a funny affair as you want a party frock that is fun yet still professional. You don't want to be the one in the shortest most revealing dress of all time dancing and drinking next to your managers. So I've chosen 4 dresses which I think are young and glamours yet sophisticated.

                     On A Budget

I do love Forever 21 for purse friendly styles.
This dress is just perfect it is sophisticated yet fun, young and fresh. The lace cut out detail is simple yet stylish.

Team this up with a glitter clutch bag and some skyscraper heels.
Try with - A cute thin gold belt would accentuate your waist.
Avoid - Necklaces, as its not needed with the detail.


Take a look

                     Figure Flattering

As I'm a size 14-16 I always hunt down pieces which would suit my shape and which I would be comfortable in.

I have chosen this simple Swing dress from Simply Be as it would be so comfortable to wear at an evening event, you can easily sit down for a meal and dance the night away. J'adore the lace detail cap sleeves as I hate the top of my arms.

Try with - Cute Silver heels instead of the boots.
Avoid - Any belt as the material would just gather around it.


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                   Break the Bank

You hear Party Dress, you immediately think Monsoon.

Yep, Monsoon really are the masters of beautiful dresses for all special occasions. They are fantastic quality and priced accordingly.

I spotted this dress and just thought it was absolutely stunning the lavender shade is just so quintessentially winter. The gold beads and sequins make it sparkle.

Try with - A gold jewelled box clutch.
Avoid - Too much jewellery, the beading detail is enough.


Take a look

                     Confident Bodycon

The bodycon dress isn't a favourite of everyone as we all have lumps and bumps we want to try hide. However with the right fitted underwear you can feel just as confident in a nice figure hugging dress.

I chose this one from Lipsy as the detailing is gorgeous and will accentuate your waist to really create a stunning hourglass figure. Lipsy dresses are always on trend and on budget.

Try With - 1920's hair style fringe and statement feather bag.
Avoid - Strappy heels, try to elongate the leg with a court shoe.


Take a look

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

DIY Plastering


Update on yesterday's post - I found out that my car is thankfully fixable. Thank god for that! I really don't know how I would function without my little Nemo!! It won't be ready until next week but yay it can come home :) I will take a few snap shots of it all new again.

So in celebration I didn't go shopping or baked some sweet treats (the usual suspects) instead I plastered! No not drink my self into a drunken stupor but actually plastered a wall, ha me! I know madness. I've never done it before so thought hey why not.

Background info - Me and the boyfriend recently bought our first house in the summer, but oh my does it need work doing to it. So far we have had it rewired, new boiler put in and brand new kitchen installed. Now all the big stuff has been completed it's our turn to decorate. So far it's going well just very slowly!

How to plaster for DIY Dummies
If I can do it, then so can anyone! Believe me.

-Firstly buy a bag of plaster, we went to B&Q and it cost around £5. Don't buy ready mix plaster as it's just a rip off. All it is plaster and water. That's it, it really isn't rocket science.
- Mix 0.5 litres of water per 1kg of plaster, although I started mixing it without measurements once I got confident in the consistency I needed.
-Then with a few plastering tools (again B&Q) you just start applying it to the wall. I managed to do it in small strokes. It reminded me of icing a cake, you need to get it all smooth and flat.
-It takes a day or so to dry then you can sand it down to make sure it's smooth and even. Then paint away on your new smooth wall.
That is it!! Ta Da.

I actually really enjoyed it, I like doing practical things and I am such a bargain hunter, so instead of paying a plasterer I just did it myself. We had to plaster over these few bits as there was some awful kitchen tiles there before and once we removed them the wall was just nasty behind. Don't get me wrong if it's a big job like an entire wall or a ceiling then you do need plasterers. For small simple jobs don't be afraid it really is fun and easy.

Any questions or further advice just comment!

Just another day in the life of a DIY 20 something

Monday, 10 November 2014

Monday Morning Blues


Well what a morning I have had, what a great start to the week!

En route to my early morning dentist appointment I decided to do something which was more awful than actually going to the dentist, crash my car.

Yep literally set off in the morning and was back 5 mins later with a crushed bonnet. It happened just down the road. Just typical Monday morning shenanigans. Thankfully the other driver was nice we were both unsure how it all happened and insurers are dealing with it. Even though we pay stupid amounts for insurance, I'm soooo glad it's there as you know you are looked after in stressful times.

So now I have no car, as my little Nemo (yes I've named my car) has been towed off to some random insurer garage to be fixed. Oh I cancelled the dentist, as thought that would just be a kick in the teeth when I was down, literally.

Also just to sum up the meaning of the phrase "Kick me when I'm down" for those who are unsure of it's meaning, whilst charging my home phone to ring the insurance company to make a claim I had a potential employer ring me to say that I was unsuccessful for the role.....yep, that honestly happened.

Best thing to do in my situation, LAUGH, as what else can you do!

This is just a day in the life of a 20 something.